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Silia Eleftheriadou

from Vienna

My name is Silia, and I would like to take part to myAustrian #BloggerExchange representing Austria.


I live in Vienna and own and operate the blog The Viennese Girl ( written in English. I was born in Athens and came to Vienna, thinking that I would stay here for three months, not knowing that I would fall in love with the city and make it my residence. In order to convey the beauty of the city, I started the blog The Viennese Girl, and I am sure that the people in Miami who would read and see my writing and pictures will feel strongly enticed to experience Vienna. Vienna has much to offer and I am always looking for and revealing the gems I find. Miami is also a beautiful city, very different from Vienna and I would be more than happy to travel there and see what its lively air has to offer.


I’ve always had a penchant for exploring what the world had to offer. I had pen pals in countries such as Hong Kong and Trinidad and Tobago and communicated in English. That passion to connect with people of different backgrounds and cultures has never abated, and I now speak four languages, English, Italian, German, and Greek. I’ve always seen great value in truly connecting with people, and speaking their languages aids it tremendously.


Living alone abroad and teaching Italian in Vienna has taught me much. However, I feel that I am ready for another challenge, as it will continue to keep the world colourful without getting stale. As I myself have benefited enormously from my travelling experiences throughout Europe, USA, South America, and the Middle East, I would like as many people as possible to partake in traveling, and become more understanding, friendly, and imaginative of the different people in the world

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