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Philipp Kurz

from Vienna

Why am I perfect for the Austrian Blogger Exchange?

My urge to explore accompanies me all the time, wherever I am and wherever I go. This motor of curiosity always assists me to find points of interest off the beaten track – at home in Vienna and abroad. Imagining the turquoise waters, the white beaches and the cosmopolitan atmosphere, I would be incredibly thrilled to apply this passionate curiousness whilst roaming the streets of the tropical metropolis Miami and later the pre-Christmas Vienna with my blogger colleague in order to capture and share our adventures with the Austrian Airlines Community!


About me

Servus! My name is Philipp Kurz and I am a 22-years-old Instagrammer, traveller, aviation geek and graduate in communication and intercultural studies from Vienna. My original home is the Black Forest in Germany that I have left to make the capital of Austria my new home and basis for my journeys abroad. When I am not engaged in my Master studies, I love to put Vienna or other spots in the world into a creative limelight with my camera that I am obsessively carrying around with me all the time.


About my blog

Whilst Austrian Airlines is networking the world physically, the goal of my Instagram account ‘dortundhier’ is to connect people and places virtually by sharing stories and photographs of natural as well as urban landscapes in a creative way. This travel and visual storytelling blog – which firstly started as a mean to explore my new home Vienna – has not only become my creative outlet but also an important part of my non-virtual life.

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