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Melody Pittman

from Miami

I came across this contest via a Facebook thread I participate in with other travel bloggers. I live outside Miami in a town called Vero Beach, full of snowbirds and the affluent. My blog began a year ago when I found myself having moved to Florida as an empty nester, and my husband living abroad in Panama part-time to build long-term rental houses for the expat community there, as Panama has a much better economy than America at this time. Blogging kept me busy with my free time plus rolled all my passions into one: photography, traveling, social media, writing, food, and history. Being a middle-aged luxury blogger, keeping up with all the trends and ever changing social media has been a chore that I have loved every minute of the way. I feel so blessed to be at this age (46) and still learning new things daily and striving to find my way into the homes of those who love travel and keep up with those who are half my age.


My goal in life is to travel to as many countries as I am years old. Last week I finished up a Black Sea cruise to Romania, Turkey, and Bulgaria that left me at 44 countries, so only a few more to go. Though living part time in Panama gives us major travel discounts for South and Central America, my heart lies in Europe. I love every single thing about Europe and am hoping to complete every country in Europe by the time I reach the dreaded 5-0. Having fallen in love with river cruising during a Viking River Cruise down the Rhine, another is on my list for 2017 travels to include 2-3 other countries around the same region, which happens to be my favorite! Austria would not only put me closer to my lifetime goal, but it would grace me with the ability to explore Austria, one of the most gorgeous and historic European countries of all. I am a history freak and love being able to walk in the spots where so many amazing things happened from our past. I ask that you take me into consideration for your contest, and I would be both privileged and honored to accept.

Voting has ended