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Impressive and an adventure: The Highlights of Moscow

Moscow’s a top destination – and not just for soccer fans! Art, architecture, great cuisine and a dash of adventure. So today, come and discover the highlights of the Russian capital with us.

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Let’s go far – but not too far! Trends for short-haul trips in 2018

It does not always have to be a long-distance trip. There’s plenty of beautiful holiday destinations in Europe just in front of your own doorstep. We have looked into the trends for trendy short-haul destinations for this blog post and they are already waiting to be discovered by you.

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Tokyo – worth a special Trip

No other city in the world is like Tokyo – and no other country quite like Japan. So we’ve sought out the best tips for anyone treating themselves to something special – and wishing to experience something incomparable – in the Land of the Rising Sun.

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Dear Santa! This year, give me a ticket somewhere far away!

Do you already know what to ask for Christmas this year? Why not make it a long-distance trip for a change? Here are some useful tips just in case good old Santa still has no idea what to get you…

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