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Honeymoon for Adventurers: Trips of a lifetime

First you fall in love, then you get engaged and get married. And what comes then? An amazing honeymoon, of course! This week, we’re revealing five very special destinations absolutely guaranteed to give you that unforgettable honeymoon you’ve always wanted!

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Road Trip through The Sunshine State Florida

Almost everyone dreams of travelling the Sunshine State: the sun on your face, the light wind breeze, your favourite songs at full volume, passing the most beautiful beaches in the world. Whether you rent a car, motorhome or travel by public transportation, we will show you the best route for your unforgettable Florida road trip!

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5 Insider Tips for Your Next Holiday

Do they still exist? Those hidden parts of Europe which are insider tips, and (whisper it) still relatively undiscovered by the tourist crowds? You bet they still exist! We say: yes! So this week, we’ve got insider tips for five destinations for you to discover!

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Christmas around the World: The 5 Loveliest Christmas Traditions

Snow starts falling, the streets are decorated with festive lights, and the air is heavy with the aroma of gingerbread and sweet biscuits – that’s how we know it’s Advent here in Austria! Around the world, though, the celebration is marked with a huge variety of different customs and traditions – so in today’s blog, we’re taking you off on a journey to explore the most beautiful – and very special – Christmas traditions around the world!

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