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Music is in the Air: Our Community’s favourite Playlists

“Someone like you” by Adele is the perfect song for a relaxed flight according to a Spotify Study. Yet everyone has different preferences, especially when it comes to music. myAustrian Fans share which music travels with them.

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Behind the scenes: The 360° Shooting

Ever ironed 308 cushion covers at once or closed every last window shade on a Boeing 777? Austrian Airlines Innovation Manager Julian Fischer takes a look behind the scenes at the recent myPanorama 360° photo shoots, and explains why these and similar activities are becoming the icing on the cake of this ground-breaking project… How […]

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She said YES!

Love really was in the air for the most charming marriage proposal of the year! Jürgen asked Nathaly for her hand in marriage on board our flight from Vienna to Athens recently – and married her right away.

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eJournals: Interview around the new product

Austrian Airlines passenger, you will be provided with a minimum of one free newspaper or magazine free of charge. No matter where you’re departing from, you will always receive the latest edition of your favourite reading. We spoke to Binh Tu, supervisor of the In-Flight Entertainment Division, and asked her to talk us through the new product.

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