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Culinary Delights Above the Clouds: Behind the Scenes at our DO & CO Catering

How does that schnitzel you’re enjoying on your flight today actually get onto the aircraft? How is our multiple award-winning DO & CO catering planned, prepared, transported and then finally served? Today, we’re going to take you behind the scenes and show you how such delicacies get to know life above the clouds!

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Austrian Airlines Blog Hand Luggage

Good to know: Austrian Airlines hand luggage regulations

Your Austrian Airlines trip is booked and now’s the time to pack? Do you know what size and weight your hand luggage is allowed to have? We have the most important infos for you here!

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Entertainment on Board: How to make your next Flight fly by

Servus and Welcome on Board! Time to enjoy your flight. Other than snacks, drinks and that breathtaking view, what can you expect to find above the clouds nowadays? Amongst other things, plenty of entertainment!

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#myMessageFromTheCloud – special tidings from above the clouds

It was an unforgettable flight for Niki, when his partner Borena suprised him with a special #myMessageFromTheCloud: “Let’s make the most of our time alone together, before somebody else joins us. Niki, I’m pregnant.” Read on to learn how Borena was able to send this message in the skies.

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