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Rehearsing for an emergency: Passenger aircraft intercepted (Part 1)

A very special work day for our pilots: Together with the Austrian Bundesheer they practiced a manoeuvre to intercept a passenger aircraft.

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Above the clouds with the “paperless flight bag”

For more than 15 years now, Austrian Airlines has been focussing on innovative technologies in its cockpits in order to provide all its flights with documentation and software tools. The company’s latest achievement is to use Surface 3 tablet computers as ‘Electronic Flight Bags’ during flight operations.   „An Electronic Flight Bag, or EFB, is […]

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Fleet renewal: Embraer jets given a red-white-red makeover

We’re getting a new medium-haul fleet! And to make absolutely sure the new Embraer jets shine as brightly as the rest of our fleet, they’ll be given a new coat of paint – in red-white-red, of course. 😉 You can see the transformation here… 😉

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It’s your choice: Servus myAustrian!

My flight, my choice, #myAustrian! We’re making a flying start: with a completely new paintjob and new service concept. For us, that means a new red-white-red design – both inside and out – and for you, it means a unique, individual #myAustrian where you can choose exactly which additional services you want to use. So are you ready for ‘your’ Austrian? 😉

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