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10 Myths & Facts about Flying

Do Mobile phones play havoc with an aircraft’s on-board electronics? And is flying actually the safest way to travel? We provide you with the answers for the top 10 myths & facts about flying.

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Austrian Airlines FlyNet

Wi-Fi on Board!

Passengers can now go online using their mobile devices, as WIFI is introduced on the entire Airbus fleet.

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Austrian Airlines Hangar & Business Class Tour

We went to explore the Austrian Airlines hangar together with a group of bloggers, the #igersvienna and planespotters and enjoyed an exclusive dinner in the myAustrian Business Class. And it’s a story best told through lots of pictures…

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myAustrian Paper Airplane Day

This Thursday, 26 May, is National Paper Airplane Day in the USA. So today we’re going to bring this tradition to Austria – with a little surprise for you. 😉

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