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252 x Premium Economy Class

Seit 6. März fliegt sie. Die neue Austrian Airlines Premium Economy Class. Damit wir heute damit in den Lüften unterwegs sind, musste ein strenger Zeitplan eingehalten werden. Spannende Einblicke in das Projekt Premium Economy Class geben wir euch heute:

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Austrian Airlines FlyNet

Wi-Fi on Board!

Passengers can now go online using their mobile devices, as WIFI is introduced on the entire Airbus fleet.

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Servus! I’m the myAustrian Messenger Service.

May we introduce … the all-new myAustrian Messenger Service. It will be entering service for the very first time today and support its human colleagues by answering service enquiries via Facebook Messenger. Please don’t give it chocolate to welcome it onto the new team; it’s on a strictly data-related diet.   Messenger Services are becoming more and […]

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#FlyMeTo Reloaded

Flying and giving gifts are two wonderful things – as you may remember from our first blog post about #FlyMeTo. And now we’ve taken a good look at your feedback, and given the app a whole new design and new functions based on your suggestions! Take a look!

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