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Take off as a Flight Attendant

Working at Austrian Airlines as a flight attendant is not just an exciting job – it’s also hugely varied. We asked Daniela Friml about the eight-week training to become a flight attendant.

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#myAustrianUniform: Interview with Amir Aghamiri, Head of Brand Management

Our crews are getting a new uniform! 🙂 And it will take a lot of time, patience and work before everything is absolutely right and – most importantly of all – people really like it. We talked to Amir Aghamiri, Head of Brand Management, about all the challenges a new uniform poses.

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Management in Practice: an introduction to life on board

Taking a wider view: the Management in Practice project is designed to give our managers the chance to experience life at a range of different divisions at Austrian Airlines. Nils Röhlinger, Head of Component Maintenance & Workshops, took advantage of the opportunity to find out more about what his colleagues actually do, and took a one-day introductory course: so today he tells us all about the time he spent as a flight attendant on our service to Cairo!

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Management in Practice: managers take an introductory course

Looking beyond your own horizons: the Management in Practice project is giving Austrian Airlines’ managers the chance to take a close look at the company’s different operating divisions. The project has been designed to help participants understand the whole company – and not just their own division – and by doing so, ensure they’re able to cooperate better. We talked to Ina Vögele, Manager HR Recruiting & Development, about how and why the special project was introduced.

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