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Culinary Delights Above the Clouds: Behind the Scenes at our DO & CO Catering

How does that schnitzel you’re enjoying on your flight today actually get onto the aircraft? How is our multiple award-winning DO & CO catering planned, prepared, transported and then finally served? Today, we’re going to take you behind the scenes and show you how such delicacies get to know life above the clouds!

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Austrian Airlines Pilotinnen

Girl Power in the Cockpit: We interview Female Pilots at Austrian Airlines

There are currently 55 women in charge of Austrian Airlines aircraft – and Petra Lorenz and Christina Domweber are two of them. In today’s interview, the two reveal why they decided on a career in the cockpit, and exactly what makes the job so fascinating.

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Journey to the End of the World: the Flight to Ushuaia

After more than five months of preparation, the time had come at the turn of the year: Our OE-LPB took off as a special flight from Austria via Rio de Janeiro to Ushuaia.

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A Viennese Coffee House travels: “Café Viena”

A friendly conversation or a good book, accompanied by delicious coffee: In Vienna, the visit to a coffee house is celebrated! You will enjoy excellent coffee there – and we are happy to convince you. Here’s a little taste: We took a Viennese coffee house to the capital of Romania. Welcome to the “Café Viena”!

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