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Oslo City Trip Tipps

Our City Guide for Oslo

Oslo is above all one thing: totally chilled. With our City Guide you will find the most beautiful places in the Norwegian capital.

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Austrian Airlines Blog Hand Luggage

Good to know: Austrian Airlines hand luggage regulations

Your Austrian Airlines trip is booked and now’s the time to pack? Do you know what size and weight your hand luggage is allowed to have? We have the most important infos for you here!

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Let’s go far – but not too far! Trends for short-haul trips in 2018

It does not always have to be a long-distance trip. There’s plenty of beautiful holiday destinations in Europe just in front of your own doorstep. We have looked into the trends for trendy short-haul destinations for this blog post and they are already waiting to be discovered by you.

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Let’s go far, please! Trendy holidays for your long-haul trips in 2018

It’s still cold outside, and the wintry darkness is still drawing in painfully early. In our minds, however, it’s already summer, as we’re drawn to the idea of warm temperatures and distant destinations. So we’ve taken a look around for you, and picked out some of the trendiest long-haul destinations for 2018…

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