A friendly conversation or a good book, accompanied by delicious coffee: In Vienna, the visit to a coffee house is celebrated! You will enjoy excellent coffee there – and we are happy to convince you. Here’s a little taste: We took a Viennese coffee house to the capital of Romania. Welcome to the “Café Viena”!


Vienna and coffee are linked by a long history: The first coffee house opened its doors in the late 17th century. The cozy atmosphere and the extraordinary coffee specialties were even added to the list of Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2011 by UNESCO. We are convinced that some of the best coffee can be enjoyed in Vienna and it is our pleasure to welcome coffee lovers from all over the world on board to help them experience the coffeehouse culture in Austria’s capital.


At the end of 2018, we transformed some parts of the  Beans&Dots Specialty Coffee Shop in the Romanian capital Bucharest into a Viennese coffee house for a short time. In order to choose the perfect Viennese coffees for the Pop-Up Café, we invited Romanian influencers to Vienna to visit the famous Viennese coffee houses before the opening.


Mihai Jurca still raves about the quiet, cozy atmosphere and the mixture of old and new, which he got to know there. And Cristina Rosca says: “Vienna is a city that I have discovered over the past few years – I love it very much now. During our coffee house tour through Vienna I was able to get to know this historical aspect of the city. I am a true lover of excellent coffee and was impressed how strongly my favorite drink is linked with Vienna. I liked the old and traditional coffee houses, but the modern interpretations also have their charm. In addition, I have now discovered my favorite coffee: The Einspänner – black coffee with whipped cream and icing sugar! Mhhh!”




Roxana and Alexei, the travelbloggers Prinlume, are equally enthusiastic about Vienna and the coffee house culture associated with it: “We love Schnitzel and a juicy apple strudel, but the coffees and different methods of preparation really appealed to us. We would like to enjoy one coffee after another for days in Vienna and compare them to each other! Our favorites are definitely the Viennese mélange with hot milk, milk foam and black coffee, as well as Maria Theresia – also with black coffee but with a delicious orange liqueur.”
You can find out how to prepare some of the coffee specialties yourself on our
 YouTube Channel.



A Viennese Coffee House lands in Bucharest


Now it was our challenge to pack up this enthusiasm and to unpack it again less than 2 hours flight time away in Bucharest, in order to spark the love for Vienna there as well. We were allowed to redecorate some parts of the  Beans&Dots Specialty Coffee Shop and turned it into a classic Viennese coffee house. But see for yourself: 



“For a week, the Pop-Up Café gave visitors the opportunity to discover a side of Vienna directly in Bucharest,” says Cristina Rosca after the event, which not only served Viennese coffee delicacies, but also offered free readings, concerts, Barista workshops and more to its guests. The transformation of Beans&Dots has inspired Roxana and Alexei: “It was as if we were back in Vienna and would walk into Café Central!”


We would like to thank all coffee lovers who visited the “Café Viena” and submitted their favorite coffee moment online on cafea.austrian.com: The main prizes were a special coffee trip to Vienna as well as flight tickets. Soon we will welcome the winners on board – and many visitors who now want to discover the traditional coffee houses of Vienna. “Sometimes the journey to work takes longer than the flight to Vienna,” says Mihai Jurca with a wink. “In just two hours you can taste the flavour of this great city and I hope I can enjoy the special coffee house atmosphere again soon.”


More impressions of Café Viena can be found on Instagram. And we’re letting you in on a secret: Soon another Viennese coffee house will pop up in a different European capital – we’ll keep you posted!


You want to discover the flair of the traditional Viennese coffee houses like Café Central or Kaffee Alt Wien and their specialties yourself? Then head to Vienna!