What’s the best way to cheer up travel fans at Christmas time? Just take them to a wonderful destination, and make all their travel dreams come true of course! At the end of November, we asked you to put the names of your dream destinations on your Christmas Wish List on Instagram, and were absolutely overwhelmed by the thousands of replies! Now we’ve asked a few of you (including members of our crew) to tell us more about their travel wish list. So read on, and let yourselves be inspired by the community!


On Flight Attendant Anna’s Travel Wish List: Los Angeles


At the very top of my wish list is the City of Angels – Los Angeles. There’s actually a special reason for this that has nothing to do with the city itself; on the contrary, in fact. I lived as an au pair with a guest family near Los Angeles for a year, and got a pretty good picture of how life works in L.A. I’d just love to visit my second family in Los Angeles again and go surfing with my friends at Pacific Palisades beach.


I miss hiking in Malibu, the cool atmosphere at Venice Beach and the small but beautiful beaches only the locals know about. I always avoided tourist attractions like the Walk of Fame, because I don’t think these stars are what make L.A. so special.



For me, the truly unique thing about California is its vast range of different landscapes and breathtaking nature! I’d ask to travel along Highway 1 towards San Francisco again, enjoying the sea view, the national parks such as Yosemite and Joshua Tree, sitting and roasting s’mores – a combination of crackers, marshmallows and chocolate – around a campfire on the beach with friends


On myAustrian Fan Klara’s Travel Wish List: Eastern Canada


Crystal clear lakes, majestic mountains, untouched nature – yes, we’re certainly spoilt in Austria! Which is why I was even more excited when I started discovering places in Canada three years ago that were every bit as beautiful as those mouthwatering Alpine landscapes back home.


I’ve not made it to Canada since my tour of the Yukon, but lots of places there are still very much on my travel wish list. And for 2019 – since I’ll be able to fly there directly from Vienna from April onwards, and I love direct flights – I would ask for a trip to Montreal!



Here’s how I think my trip would look… I’d start off with a few days’ sightseeing in the city – maybe to cheer on the Montréal Canadiens in a home ice hockey match. Then I’d take off on a road trip to the countless natural highlights of the Quebec region. Examples? The waterfalls in the Parc des Chutes-de-la-Chaudière, perhaps, or the Parc national des Pingualuit, where I’d like to explore the 1.4 million year-old Pingualuit meteorite crater, which has a diameter of 3.4 kilometres! As a wine fan, the Montérégie Wine Route – home to many of Canada’s best wines, so they say – also interests me. The possibilities are pretty well endless, basically – so if I get my Christmas wish, I’ll be planning straight away!



On Flight Attendant Shan’s Travel Wish List: Innsbruck


For me, the Christmas time means snow, of course, and a wintry but comfortable atmosphere. This year, I’m asking for a short break to a true winter wonderland for myself and my boyfriend Andreas – in Innsbruck!



Innsbruck is simply charming. It’s a jewel in the Alpine crown, and well worth exploring. It doesn’t matter whether I’m there during the day or in the evening – I love this lovely town deeply, and you will too! Andreas and I both feel totally at home here, and not just during the breathtakingly beautiful winter months! One of our favourite places in Innsbruck is the Hafelekar peak in the Nordkette mountain range. Last time we were up there, everything around was covered in snow, and a blanket of cloud stretched out below us as far as the eyes could see. The sun was shining down from up above, and we couldn’t imagine a better moment than that for our wish list this year.


On myAustrian Fan Viktoria’s Travel Wish List: Poland and Great Britain


Travel has been at the top of my personal Christmas wish list for many years now. Although my list used to be full of far-flung places, these days it’s more likely to be European destinations that do it for me. On my first trip to Poland, for example, Warsaw fascinated me so much that I set out on an amazing road trip through the south-east of the country recently. And because I discovered so many other cities and places on my itinerary that inspired me the moment I saw them, I’ll have no choice but to make another trip to Poland sooner rather than later – and the sooner the better. That also goes for the city of Krakow, of course – so here’s hoping Santa grants me this travel wish!



Great Britain also charms me, and is on my travel wish list this year. Although I’m a huge fan of London, of course, it’s actually Britain’s rural side that fascinates me. I particularly liked it in the Cotswolds, and they motivated me to discover other rural areas throughout the British Isles. That’s also why I’m asking for a road trip to the Lake District and North Wales.


Wunschliste Wales


On Co-Pilot Arthur’s Travel Wish List: South Africa


As a co-pilot on our Boeing 767, I spend most of my time in major cities such as New York, Miami and Beijing. For my private trips, I then prefer a very different mode of transportmy bike.


Two years ago, I travelled the entire length of the Danube – from its source in the Black Forest to the Delta in the Black Sea – and last year I cycled all the way from Vienna to Venice, via the Alps.



I’ll also be exploring my next travel destination by bike: top of my travel wish list for 2019 is South Africa. My dream is to cycle along the Garden Route. Discovering a destination by bike is a very special experience. The roads are overgrown with primaeval forest along the picturesque Garden Route, leading past unique nature, dream beaches on the Indian Ocean, the ‘Big Five’, and South Africa’s famous wine-growing regions. I’m particularly looking forward to Cape Town, the perfect start- or end-point of my bike journey. I would definitely want to hike up the Lions Head; watching the sunset up there is supposed to be truly spectacular.



Which destinations are on your travel wish list? If you’re not quite sure yet, then why not ask Santa for one of our #FlyMeTo flight vouchers? They’re good for all our destinations!


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