As terrifying pumpkin heads grace front gardens across town and spooky-costumed designs start moving from street to street, you know Halloween, and the longest, scariest night of the year, isn’t far away! But if you’re looking for a bit of a change this year, but still fancy the idea of a sizzling Halloween thriller, you’ll find a genuine fear factor at our destinations – and if you book with myAustrian Holidays from 31 October to 1 November 2018, you can even save 50% on the price of your travel partner!


Mummies and a Ghost Town in Sicily


One destination only for the very bravest amongst you is Southern Italy! There are some particularly spooky attractions in Sicily, which attract horror fans from all over the world.


Catacombs of Fear


In the crypt of the Capuchin monastery in Palermo, the monks came across a problem more than 400 years ago: because of lack of space, the (still living) believers found they were no longer able to pray together for their dearly departed. But when the monks began extending the crypt and moving the faithful who had already been buried to make room, they suddenly stumbled across a strange phenomenon: because of the unique climatic conditions, the corpses had hardly decomposed at all – and had “dried out” instead!


The abbot decided to line up the dead in standing positions in small niches by the walls – as a grim reminder to the living of the transitory nature of life. But the residents of Palermo liked the idea that they could be visited by their nearest and dearest after their death. Rich citizens bought themselves a place in the crypt, and five corridors developed: one each for men, women, priests and the Capuchin monks – and one reserved for certain professional groups. There was also a niche for children, and one for virgins.




The Ghost Town of Poggioreale


The wind whistles through ruins of houses which were long ago reclaimed by nature here. People are nowhere to be found in these parts – so if you want to get to know a ghost town, Sicily’s the perfect place to go! The town of Poggioreale was completely destroyed by a heavy earthquake in 1968, and the locals were forced to start a new life away from the ruins. Nowadays, nobody lives in the ghost town any longer. Or do they..?




Destinationen mit Gruselfaktor


A creepy Tour and Horror Festival in Madeira


Out in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, nobody can hear you scream! The Portuguese island of Madeira is one place you can definitely learn to know fear: by taking a tour of Funchal that’s anything but everyday, you can discover the puzzles and mysteries of the town.


Alternatively, you can plan your trip so you can take part in the Fantastic Film Festival. It’s all scheduled to be held again in March 2019, when the cinema screens will spring back to life with untold creepiness, horror and fantasy. Not one for the faint-hearted!



The Ghost Stories of Tenerife


Another island that’s home to more than its fair share of ghostly scary stories is the Canary Island of Tenerife!


Casa de Lercaro


The legend says it all: as a young woman, Catalina de Lercaro is said to have been forced into an unwanted marriage with a much older man. At her wit’s end, Catalina tragically decided to commit suicide on her wedding day. As a result, the Church refused to give her a Christian burial, and Catalina was said to have been buried in a room of the manor house of her father instead. The family left the house shortly afterwards – could it possibly have had something to do with the tortured soul of the daughter, who is said to have appeared as a ghost on several occasions since her death?


Today, by the way, the building houses the island’s Museum of History and Anthropology. Don’t miss out on your visit – and be sure to take part in the ghost hunt! Can you imagine getting married in this haunted house? No? Many do it anyway!


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The Island that doesn’t exist


Tenerife’s most unusual ghost by far is actually an island! Locals call it San Borondon, and it is said to be the eighth Canary Island – but does it actually exist at all? The stories that circulate around the ghost island tell of the sudden appearance and subsequent disappearance of San Borondon. Some people assume it could just be people confusing the islands of La Gomera or La Palma for the ghostly island: on clear days, you can see across to both of these from Tenerife, but on cloudy days, it’s almost as if they have “disappeared”. Maybe you can solve the puzzle of the ghost island during your stay?  


Shrouded in legend – Guimar


The small coastal town of Guimar is actually renowned for its mysterious pyramids, but nearby you’ll also find the gorge of Barranco de Badajoz, also said to be a hotspot for paranormal activity.


According to one of the stories surrounding the gorge, a young girl disappeared here sometime between 1890 and 1910. Decades afterwards, she reappeared – looking exactly the same as when she disappeared. What was more, she couldn’t remember anything that had happened in the years that had passed. Some claim the gorge is a gateway to another era or dimension. Ghosts and UFOs are also sighted there regularly.




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