The next flight is coming up, and you want to make sure that your time on board is extra comfortable? Look no further! We’ve got five useful and really relaxing tips for your next flight.


Tip 1: The perfect travel outfit makes all the difference


If you really want to travel relaxed, you should definitely stay away from uncomfortable clothes and high-heeled shoes. Wear layers and stick to the “onion look”. Put on some chinos, a loose fitting t-shirt, a cardigan and a scarf – you can’t go wrong! For further tips on the perfect travel outfit, continue reading here.


Tip 2: Let’s head to the lounge


You don’t actually be in one of our comfortable planes to enjoy the journey. At Vienna Airport you can let the waiting time pass by in a very relaxed way. In our Austrian Lounges, you will find a wide range of delicious meals and designated relaxation areas. The lounges were redesigned this year and convince with Austrian charm. Light colours and real trees give the rooms the feeling of sitting outside in the park. While you escape the hectic hustle and bustle of the airport on the soft upholstered furniture, you can let yourself be inspired by works of art from the Leopold Museum in Vienna. Find out more about the new lounges here.


Austrian Airlines Lounges neu


Tip 3: Feast above the clouds


How could your journey possibly get off to a more enjoyable start than with a delicious schnitzel, freshly prepared tapas or Japanese delicacies served to you directly in your seat? We are happy to fulfil these wishes for you!


Just choose your meal preference from the á la carte menu of DO & CO at the time of booking or up to 24 hours before departure, and you can transform your trip into a true culinary experience!



Tip 4: Treat yourself to an upgrade


Enjoy the service and comfort of our Premium Economy Class and Business Class, both on the ground and on board. You can now choose from a variety of upgrades, booked from the comfort of your own home, with an upgrade for a fixed price, or spontaneously as you arrive in the cabin. Alternatively, you may be interested in our Bid Upgrade already? With a little luck, you could be sitting up front on the aircraft!


On long-haul flights, our Premium Economy Class offers you the following features, amongst others:


  • Enjoy a 3-course or 4-course menu and choose between three main courses
  • ○ 12-inch touch display with a wide selection of current films and series
  • ○ power sockets and USB ports
  • ○ Extra-wide seat with 40° angle of inclination for a super-comfortable travel experience
  • ○ Practical amenity kit containing numerous useful items


You can enjoy our Business Class on all routes – the experience on long-haul flights is particularly great on our Boeing 767 and 777 aircraft:


  • ○ Separate and redesigned Priority Check-in Zone
  • ○ Save time at security check thanks to the Fast Lane
  • The best Business Class on-board catering
  • ○ High-tech seats with built-in massage function
  • ○ Seats can be transformed in seconds into comfortable beds almost two metres long


Tip 5: Be entertained


Admittedly, time on the plane can seem long on intercontinental flights. But there’s no reason to be bored: you can choose from our wide range of eJournals, your favourite daily newspaper or the latest issues of magazines before your journey, and read these on your smartphone, tablet or laptop on board.



Or maybe you prefer to spend your time watching exciting films and the latest series? Our in-flight entertainment offers more than 350 hours of video and audio entertainment on long-haul flights. Find out in advance which films and series will be available on your next flight. On selected short- and medium-haul routes, you can also use our internet service FlyNet. Simply connect to the Wi-Fi, select one of the attractive service packages and surf away!


Do you know our playlist recommendations with the favourite songs of the community? Give it a listen! And how will you spend your next flight? Very relaxed, that’s for sure! To find exactly the right flights for your next journey right now, just click here: