Summer, sand and beach volleyball go together like winter, snow and skiing. In the summer months, many people head for the local beach volleyball courts to battle it out. But there are beautiful beach volleyball destinations around the world just waiting to be discovered – by you!


Beach Volleyball Destination No. 1: Satun Beach, Thailand


With more than 3,200 kilometres of coastline, Thailand obviously has plenty to offer beach-lovers. But beach volleyball fans in particular will find what they’re looking for here: at the southern destination of Satun, you’ll frequently bump into the elite of the sport, and will be inspired by their skills there. After a long day on court, players meet up at the comfortable beach bars. Even if there were no beach volleyball at all, it’s easy to enjoy a delicious Mai Tai or a fresh coconut here.



Beach Volleyball Destination No. 2: Manhattan Beach, California, USA


Californian beach volleyball players get together regularly here, a stone’s throw from Los Angeles and walking distance from the city’s international airport. Manhattan Beach is in Santa Monica Bay, and offers athletes great infrastructure. It’s not just the pros who like being seen here, however: beach volleyball courses are offered for all age ranges and levels. Camps a few days long are often put on for children. On Father’s Day, in June, a special competition is put on every year which fathers can enter with their kids as a team.



Beach Volleyball Destination No. 3: Gstaad, Switzerland


Think of Switzerland, and admittedly, beach volleyball might not necessarily be the first thing you think of, unlike endless Alpine landscapes, strong cheese and above all chocolate. In the small town of Gstaad, though, you can combine all these things beautifully. While cheering on the champions of beach volleyball at summer tournaments in the town centre, you can enjoy the amazing view of the mountains in the background.


The surrounding area also boasts more than 300 km of well-signposted hiking paths to explore, perfect not just for short walks but also for demanding all-day tours. You’ll also find the perfect ‘Jause’, the delicious selection of cold meats, cheeses and more so beloved of Switzerland and Austria: hungry hikers can get themselves a filled fondue rucksack and enjoy a cheesy lunch at some of the most spectacular spots Mother Nature has gifted us.


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Beach Volleyball Destination No. 4: Camps Bay Beach, South Africa


When it comes to impressive backdrops, South Africa can certainly give the Swiss Alps a run for their money. The rugged cliffs of the mountains, the sea in its thousands of different shades of blue, and between the two, white beaches. Just outside Cape Town, you can use the sandy bays to battle it out perfectly at beach volleyball. And for party animals, there are even special beach volleyball parties put on at Camps Bay Beach.


South Africa has far more to offer than amazing beaches, of course: from the once-in-a-lifetime adventure of a safari in Kruger National Park in the north-east of the country to a trip along the south coast, in Garden Route National Park, with its breathtaking views across the rugged cliffs, it’s a collection of experiences you won’t forget in a hurry. BTW: we start direct flights from Vienna to Cape Town this autumn. 



Beach Volleyball Destination No. 5: Donauinsel, Vienna


And finally, who could possibly forget Donauinsel, the island in the Danube which is a popular recreation area in Vienna? Along with its picturesque landscapes, which are just perfect for walking, running, cycling and inline skating, the island offers a huge amount of different ways for families to enjoy themselves. There’s a vast trampoline, a water playground and a climbing park there, are all just waiting to be explored.


From 31 July to 5 August, the  Vienna Majors will be held on Donauinsel. For the second time, the elite of the sport will be getting together at the tournament, the World Cup of Beach Volleyball, transforming Donauinsel into a unique spectacle for both players and fans. 


Will you be there, cheering on your teams in the screaming crowd? We’ll be there for you on Donauinsel, including you in our Instagram Stories. Apart from that, we’ve planned an exciting competition for you on Facebook – so keep your eyes open for that!


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