You may not know Kalamata as a town, but its olives are known and loved the world over. The cosy harbour town is a great starting-point for exploring the Peloponnese Peninsula. Today we reveal the particularly lovely sights and beaches you can explore in the area…


Exploring Kalamata


Kalamata is the capital of the Messenia region, and summer makes a particularly good time to visit. To tour the town, you’ll need no more than your own two feet, plenty of sun protection and a bit of small change for all those charming coffee houses scattered throughout the town. And if you’re more of a night owl, you’ll find some of the best clubs in the region in Kalamata.


There are numerous international hotels on the seemingly endless beach, as well as smaller beach bars and hip tavernas. The beaches make the perfect backdrop for long walks or great cycling tours.



You’ll also find any number of water sports providers on the beach, so you can register for anything from relaxed catamaran trips to more high-energy surfing and water skiing. For the very keenest swimmers amongst you, the underwater world is at your fingertips here, and divers of all levels – from the experienced to the merely curious – will just love the diving centres scattered along the coast.


The best beaches around Kalamata


Voidokilia boasts one of Greece’s loveliest beaches, and is the perfect place for a day-trip. Located in an almost closed bay, Voidokilia was first mentioned by Homer. The beach is hidden away behind dunes of sand and bushes – almost as if nature was trying to keep its secret comforts for itself. On a small hill is a ruin offering a beautiful view out across the sea and beach.



With its white pebble beach, and also located in a small bay, Foneas beach is another place you have to see. Huge rocks here offer welcome shade in the morning and evening hours, and on the trip back to Kalamata, it’s worth making a short stop to check out the tower of Mourtzinos.


Sun-worshippers amongst you will find your own personal paradise awaiting at Simos beach. You’ll find comfortable sun-loungers here, with cool cocktails served at the beach bars, the dunes and crystal-clear waters here also make Simos one of the loveliest beaches in the area, and Simos is very popular amongst windsurfers if you’re looking for wind.


Excursion tips for the Peloponnese


There’s something to discover for absolutely everyone in the Peloponnese. This may mean historic towns such as Corinth, Sparta, Olympia and Epidaurus, or Mystras and Monemvasia. The harbour town of Nafplio is enticing thanks to its amazing fortress, an inviting promenade just perfect for a relaxed stroll, and of course its excellent tavernas.



The Peloponnese are more than enough to make the hearts of diving fans miss a beat – the waters surrounding the peninsula are home to jaw-dropping underwater landscapes, complete with caves and wrecks.


If you like hiking, you’ll be happiest out in nature, far off the usual well-beaten tourist tracks. Nature has created idyllic landscapes here, and there are a vast range of different hiking paths with something for every ability. Thanks to the region’s rich rock formations, climbers will also find demanding climbing routes. The Diros caves are certainly also worth a visit.


There are other ways of getting the adrenalin racing in the Peloponnese, depending on the season: boredom just isn’t part of the package on rafting tours or other types of water sports!


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