Ever sat beneath a tree in a lounge and felt as if you were outdoors in a park while you were doing so? No? Then you’ve never been to our new lounges at Vienna Airport. Because there, an unspoilt feeling of Austria rules…


Lounges in a new dress

At the beginning of December, our lounges at Vienna Airport were given an upgrade: the time had come for something new. The rethought lounges are a chance for us to make Austria and our typical Austrian charm palpable for you – bright, friendly tones now await as you get ready for your journey or quickly check those e-mails again.


Little islands of cosiness

Anyone spending time in our lounges should feel at ease, find peace and quiet, and be able to recharge their batteries. Surrounded by colours such as red, green and grey, you can get away from the chaos of the airport and the world outside. Just pause and take a deep breath!


Austrian Airlines Lounges neu


Relax beneath the trees as if you were in the park

You may not discover picnic blankets in our lounges, but those tree trunks do awaken a feeling of nature and forests in the eye of the observer. Which means you can enjoy your lunch or relax comfortably on the soft upholstered furniture as the sun shines in your face.


More charm

Together with Vienna’s Leopold Museum, we sought out famous works of art by Schiele, Klimt and Romako. We then selected special excerpts of these, which felt to us like an expression of charm and smiles, and painted oversized versions of them on the walls of our lounges. You can see every single brushstroke! You’ve never felt closer to Schiele & Co.


Austrian Airlines Lounges neu


Bringing works of art to life

We discovered Italian artist Andrea Crespi for ourselves on Instagram. When asked, he describes himself not so much as an artist as a work of art. He visited the Leopold Museum for us and brought the works of art there to life.


Andrea Crespi Austrian Airlines Lounges neu


Unspoilt feeling of Austria in the new lounges




It’s really only a matter of time before you take your next flight, and spending some time in one of our new lounges will make the start to your journey a far more relaxed experience. To check out all the destinations just waiting for you to book them right now, just click here: