It’ll soon be that time again – Valentine’s Day when red roses are well and truly back in season. But it’s not just floral expressions of love and affection that are sought-after – more and more people are finding that those special travel experiences don’t fade away either. So this year, we looked for some romantic places in Europe guaranteed to make both your hearts miss a beat…


Iceland – for outdoorsy loving couples


If you like doing the outdoors and active things with your partner, you might want to think about heading for Iceland. The island’s endless landscapes – where the two of you will often find yourselves alone for hours on end – are perfect for romantic picnics and long walks arm-in-arm. But that’s not all Iceland offers. It also has waterfalls practically wherever you turn – and when the sunlight is titillating the cascading water, it creates the most beautiful light you could imagine. Even when the sun goes down, though, you won’t need to pack away your picnic blanket: Iceland’s also a particularly good spot if you want to watch the uniquely lovely Northern Lights dance their way across the night sky like amorous souls. The country’s countless hot thermal springs and secluded huts will also make a trip to Europe’s far north simply unforgettable. 



Zakynthos – for island lovers


If you’re looking to spend some quality couple time in Greece, you’ll love the island of Zakynthos. The local cuisine will only serve to add to your happiness further still – because as we all know, the way to our hearts is through the stomach.


Shipwreck Beach – even if it can get pretty busy sometimes – is well worth the short boat ride to get there. With its whiter-than-white sand and the shimmering blue tones of the sea, shut your eyes at this small bay, and you could be in the Caribbean. If you dare, you might also try and get the better of the clifftop path, where you’ll be rewarded with breathtaking views of the Ionian Sea. The Blue Caves also make the perfect backdrop to romantic boat trips.



Italy—for lovers of culture (and pasta)


“All roads lead to Rome”, as the old saying goes. However wonderful a city Rome is, though, romance is something you’ll find all over Italy. Whether you’re in northern Italy or a small mediaeval village in Tuscany, there really is something for every couple here.


Ever slept in a real castle, for instance? Well, here’s where to do so in style: the small village of Giaole, in Chianti, is home to Castello di Tornano. With its suits of armour, four-poster beds, rolling green hills all around, jacuzzis – and the best Italian red wine money can buy, of course – you might actually think about sticking around and getting married here too.



Lanzarote – for relaxed moments, just the two of you


The Canary Island of Lanzarote is home not just to secluded beaches, but also amazing spa landscapes where you can both relax and let your souls run free. The island also features beautiful, modern apartments with their own pools for those perfect hours together.


For particularly romantic evenings, try reserving a table at Jameos del Aguas, in the northern part of the island. There are enough outstanding delicacies to suit any taste at this surreal cave restaurant. To match the atmosphere, there’s also a modern pool, where no lesser an individual than the King of Spain is said to have bathed.



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