It’s still cold outside, and the wintry darkness is still drawing in painfully early. In our minds, however, it’s already summer, as we’re drawn to the idea of warm temperatures and distant destinations. So we’ve taken a look around for you, and picked out some of the trendiest long-haul destinations for 2018…


Take a break from everyday life in Mauritius


White sandy beaches, bungalows hovering above turquoise waters, a golden ball continuously shining down from the heavens, magically putting a smile on the face of everyone it touches. Yes, we’re talking about Mauritius. And it doesn’t always have to be your honeymoon that takes you to the stunning Indian Ocean island. 


The wonderful beaches here continue to attract visitors year after year, as do its lush green hinterland and opportunities for discovering Île aux Cerfs, or ‘Deer Island’, just off the coast of the main island. To read more about Mauritius, and what you can look forward to experiencing there, just check out this blog post.


Mauritius, Le Morne (Foto: istock)


On safari in South Africa

Marvel at lions hunting in their territory, watch giraffes eating and watching hippos cool off in water holes. Stay in a tent under millions of stars. Waken up in the morning by the call of the monkeys.


Every moment on safari offers countless possibilities to capture it with the camera – or simply experience it with the binoculars for yourself.


South Africa has much more to offer than unique bush landscapes with wild animals. The surfing scene around Cape Town also meets here and rides on the waves from early morning until late at night.



Shopping trip to the USA


No matter whether you’re in Chicago, Miami, New York City or Los Angeles, US outlet malls are often as big – if not bigger – than small towns. And the larger the mall, the more bargains you’ll tend to find. Many people nowadays travel to the United States with empty cases and return with them full to bursting with great buys, and there’s a good reason why.



Satisfy your desire for sushi in Tokyo


Asian destinations are also amongst the seriously fashionable places to visit this year. At the top of this list are Tokyo and Japan.


And if you’re coming to Japan for the great cuisine, you won’t be disappointed. You’ll find very few streets in Japanese cities that aren’t buzzing with great restaurants – one reason many experts describe Tokyo as the “Mecca of fine dining”. If you’d like to find out even more about Tokyo, here’s an entire blog post dedicated exclusively to the city.



Travel through time in Cuba


If you’re looking for a mix of good humour, friendly faces, Mojitos and Caribbean flair, then few destinations will be more to your taste than Cuba. With its beautiful old city, the capital, Havana, is a particularly tempting invitation to take that journey through time. If you want to see even more outside the capital, try renting a car and exploring the island on your own. 



Discover the loveliest corners of China


China, too, offers something for everyone:


In Beijing, you’ll see the country’s more traditional side. The Great Wall is just a day-trip away, and China’s capital is home to more temples than you could possibly visit in a week of trying. Markets such as Pearl Market are also an invitation to go on shopping tours, however – and an experience worth having, even if you don’t want to buy anything.


In Hong Kong and Shanghai, meanwhile, you will encounter another, very different, side to the country. This is hypermodern China, a place of high-speed trains and skyscrapers, some so high the GPS doesn’t get through. At the same time, neither city has lost its traditional side, so you’ll continually be bumping into ancient temples hidden away amongst the urban jungle.



Which of these trendy destinations have you visited already? And which of them are at the top of your list this year?