It does not always have to be a long-distance trip. There’s plenty of beautiful holiday destinations in Europe just in front of your own doorstep. We have looked into the trends for trendy short-haul destinations for this blog post and they are already waiting to be discovered by you.


The classic: Croatia


Croatia has just so much to offer: from national parks to historic cities, from islands and lakes to mighty mountains that invite you to go hiking. Whether alone, with the partner or with your family – in Croatia there’s something for everyone! 


In the old town of Dubrovnik, you can spend a wonderful weekend. The high walls and the sandstone-coloured buildings seem like a movie about the Medieval Ages. The Plitvice National Park, with its crystal-clear lakes and countless shades of blue, awaits with walks and explorations. Unfortunately, you can not refresh yourself in the lakes. For this one drives best to the coast and to one of the innumerable islands. From Split, the island of Brac is quickly reached and the beach is suitable for sun worshipers.



Flanders for lovers and foodies


Joie de vivre and good food are held dear in the Northern part of Belgium. It’s impossible to stroll through the enchanted alleyways of Antwerp, Leuven or Ghent without having a smile on your face. Every street corner tells stories from another time and invites its visitors to listen to them. If you are head over heels in love, we recommend a trip to the town of Bruges: walks and boat trips on the water will just enhance that enchantment.


In Flanders, you will find delicious chocolates and hearty Belgium Fries as well as numerous excellent restaurants that will spoil you with their creations.


© Jan D’Hondt


© Jan D’Hondt


North Wales for landscape lovers


Nature as far as the eye can see. This is the best way to describe the North of Wales. Here you will find green hills, that sheep herds call their home and long sandy beaches, which are guarded by gulls from the air. Especially the area around the small town of Llanberis and the Snowdonia National Park is very popular with hikers and landscape lovers. For those of you that want to go on a journey through time, Conwy and its fortress shouldn’t be left out under any circumstances.




Lithuania – Far from mass tourism


It’s the indescribable mix of cities, culture, relaxation and sea that make small Lithuania stand out. In the capital Vilnius there are many hip restaurants that will tickle your taste buds. The green parks also cast their charm on you – so why not have a picnic in the middle of the city? Just outside the city, there are peaceful nature parks with lakes and rivers that invite you to kayak and go for a walk. If you travel with friends or family, you should rent a wooden hut there and end the evening in the sauna. In summer, the locals, in particular, head to the small town of Klaipeda, which lies on the Baltic Sea, to recharge the inner batteries.




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