Instagram-worthy… we give you the loveliest photo spots in Austria


When myAustrian fan Viki talks about her homeland of Austria, she just can’t stop herself raving about it. But in a region blessed with this many jaw-droppingly beautiful spots, she says, the real question is where do you even start looking for that killer photo? We couldn’t have put it better ourselves.


Today, Viki lets us in on a few especially lovely spots in Austria, which are not merely a treat for your own eyes, but also particularly well-suited to creating Instagram images that will send a shudder down the viewer’s spine…


Graz – Murinsel & Schlossberg


What I particularly like about Graz is the clock tower looking down imperiously on the city at Schlossberg. The city’s traditional symbol looks absolutely amazing, and not just from below – it’s also worth getting a view from above. The pretty gardens here are also perfect for smaller-scale photo shoots.


The city’s artificial island, the Murinsel, also has a strong presence on Instagram. Thanks to its unusual shape and the way the sun reflects on it in countless direct directions, the island makes a great spot for creative photos. 



Salzburg’s Old City


There are photo spots lurking around every corner – and anywhere else you look, in fact – in Salzburg. The mint-coloured roofs and cool façades of houses in the Old City are just begging to be photographed, while the gardens of Schloss Mirabel also offer breathtaking views of Hohensalzburg Fortress (and there are not just flowers, but also one or two unicorns waiting to be captured there).



The magnificent colours of the Attersee


The Attersee surprised me on several different occasions last year. Not just because the waters of the lake are so refreshing, but also because of the countless photo themes they provide. This is particularly true, first thing in the morning and in the early evening, when the rays of the sun are just tickling the surface of the lake, creating the most unbelievable colour combinations and causing the Attersee to glow, more like the Caribbean than a mountain lake.



Vineyards scattered across the country


No matter whether it’s in the northern suburbs of Vienna, Burgenland or even southern Styria, vineyards produce not just the most delicious tipples, but also some magic photographic moments…



The Classic: Hallstatt


Although I was slightly disappointed by Hallstatt myself, I still enjoy looking at the images of the iconic small town in the Salzkammergut. Hallstatt remains wonderfully beautiful, no matter whether you’re taking it in from the mainland or from the ferry, travelling across the lake.



Water, water everywhere… Steyr – a tiny jewel


Steyr is probably my favourite photo spot in Austria. The town is usually overlooked when people are looking to create great themes for Instagram or screensavers, and it’s a shame: no matter what time of year it is, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for in Steyr.



The Alps – an ever-reliable location


Mountains. I just can’t get enough of them. But should it be Dachstein, the Großglockner or the mountains in Tyrol this time? Even though it can be hard to decide on just one photo spot in the Alps, with such an embarrassment of rich images, coming up with unforgettable photo themes up there is the easiest thing in the world.



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Thanks very much, Viki, for all your tips and those amazing images! You’ve definitely made us want to take a holiday within Austria – with our smartphones tucked away safely, of course, ready to capture all that beauty. And to help get you there, just click here for details of all our best flights within Austria: