For today’s blog story, we met David Pauritsch and talked to him about his passion: flying, and sharing it with others. David is the founder of Simply Aviation, and in today’s interview, he tells us about what it is about, what experiences he had gathered over the years, and how many miles he has flown to date…


For those who don’t know Simply Aviation, what do you do?


Simply Aviation is a blog where absolutely everything is about flying. We use it to share our passion for flying with other like-minded people. We regularly post videos on our YouTube channel; amongst other things, there’s a weekly show featuring the latest news from the world of aviation. In the blog, we report on products from different airlines.


Our goal is to show people that flying is not just a means of getting from A to B, but an experience. An experience so thrilling and breathtaking that it feels like the first time you’re having it every single time you leave the ground.


Who are the people behind Simply Aviation?


I founded the YouTube channel of Simply Aviation, and have grown to love the project more and more ever since. I’m responsible for the content and post-production of the videos, as well as the strategic orientation of Simply Aviation.


In 2015 I began getting support from Felix Hofer, who now looks after the website and most of the video productions.


Simon Sjöberg, who is also a long-time friend, joined us at the end of last year. Simon’s from Sweden, and works part-time as an air courier. He helps us with video production at Simply Aviation.



How long has the blog been around, and why did you decide to do it?


I founded the YouTube channel in 2011, although it was more of a plane spotting channel at the time. Until 2014, you only saw the aircrafts from the outside. What always interested me, though, was what goes on inside. I find aircrafts just as colourful and diverse inside the cabin as from a distance. Back then, though, hardly anyone was publishing videos of in-flight products. The decision to take on this challenge then happened very quickly.


At the time, Austrian Airlines was one of the first airlines to let me visit one of its aircraft inside. I published our first cabin tours video after exclusively viewing a Boeing 777 in November 2014.


After that, the focus changed a bit, and the posts from the empty aircraft standing on the ground morphed into reports from the air. I now publish one to two flight reports a week, which are known as trip reports. One of our aims in doing this is to show as many of the different products being offered by as many different airlines as possible – authentically, and based on first-hand experience.



How many miles have you got under your belt to date?


(David smiles at the question.)


I’ve flown 330,000 km so far, which is about 205,000 miles. Felix has done his bit too – he’s flown 526,000 km, or 325,000 miles.


Last year, we took 215 flights all-together, adding up to 405,000 km. That’s around 18 flights a month. To put that distance in some sort of context, we flew around the world almost ten times in 2017! 


What still inspires you about flying after so many miles?


It’s just something new every time. The crew is different. You’re flying to a new place. On another aircraft. No two flights are the same, and they never will be.


I’ve got to know so many fantastic crews over the years, and am still in regular contact with some flight attendants after several years. I’ve got to know someone new on every flight –from flight attendants to people sitting next to me.



What are your ultimate travel hacks for people who travel slightly less than you do?


I’ve been relying on the same basic rules for years now…


Always have enough water! The air on aircraft can be very dry, so always be sure to fill your water bottle at your departure airport. You’re supposed to drink at least two litres a day, so on a twelve-hour flight you should take one litre with you – if not more.


Have a cushion on you! I always pack my own comfortable cushion for long-haul flights so I can get to sleep better.


Stay entertained! And by that, I don’t mean magazines or books. As lovely as reading is, being weighed down by materials on long-haul trips and at major airports isn’t a good idea. Instead of this, I use the download function of streaming services like Netflix or Amazon Prime to save a few episodes of my favourite programme on my phone or laptop. Finally, never forget to take the right headphones.


Get fully-charged! Most airports have plugs; they’re usually hidden away under the seat in Economy Class, along with USB connections. They’ll let you keep your laptop or mobile charged-up for the trip to come.



When will you be reporting from our new Premium Economy Class? 😉


I’ve already had the honour of testing the new Premium Economy, including service, on one flight. There’s going to be a video of it on our YouTube channel very soon! Since our test flight “only” took us to Frankfurt, of course, the flight time was very limited. I’m already looking forward to flying Premium Economy on long-haul, though, and enjoying those long flight times even more.


What destinations are on your travel bucket list for 2018?


David smiles again.


We’ve already booked dozens of flights for the coming year, so we’ll be able to tick several places off our list. Namibia, Hong Kong, the north-western USA, Mauritius, Canada and West Africa are already definites on that list.


We won’t be stopping there, however: also high on the list are places like Ethiopia, India, Peru, Greenland and Georgia… and the list just goes on and on.



Thanks for your time, David, and for giving us an insight into your passionate Simply Aviation project! We look forward to welcoming you back on board with us again very soon.



Has our Premium Economy Class aroused your interest? Click here for wide-ranging details of the new service and its individual features – and from March 2018 onwards, you’ll also be able to use the new service on our long-haul routes too. You can book it immediately, though!