Still on the hunt for that last-minute gift for your nearest and dearest? Want to give them something special this year that they’re going to genuinely enjoy?


We’d recommend an exciting, interesting and entertaining book. And tucked inside its pages, given them a flight voucher somewhere appropriate as a bookmark.


In today’s blog post, myAustrian fan Petra is going to share some of these books with us. She’s not just a true bookworm in private, she does it for a living: Petra owns a bookshop in Vienna.


“If you read this book, be absolutely sure to go there as well.” Some books have the ability to send us on journeys without our ever having to leave our own four walls. Other books, meanwhile, inspire us so much that they make us want to just get up and go, and explore the world. Some authors root their stories strongly in reality. And that’s an invitation, of course, to take a much closer look at three particularly good book titles Petra has shared with us…


A hot trail through Athen: Books by Petros Markaris



Greek author Petros Markaris offers a suitable backdrop to a journey through Athens. His whodunits are undoubtedly amongst the best in the genre. I like the sympathetic figure of Commissar Costas Haritos, who struggles in between his turbulent private life and Greece’s political sleaze, always managing to ensure the bad guys get their just desserts in highly traditional fashion while doing so. Markaris asks his readers to accompany him through the shady sides of the Greek metropolis, with plenty of jokes and irony along the way. The end result is a highly realistic cross-section of Greek society, which combines classical beauty, crimes and corruption in a very special mix.


Havana in Hemingway’s footsteps: Adios Hemingway by Leonardo Padura



Travelling in the company of Cuban author Leonardo Padura is surely the only way to visit Havana. The experience worlds and feeling for life of contemporary Cubans he creates are reflected perfectly in his crime novels. In Adiós Hemingway, he presents former policeman Mario Conde with a huge task: when a body which has been killed with two bullets is found on his finca outside Havana, 40 years after Hemingway’s death, a scandal threatens. Was Hemingway the murderer? Only Mario Conde is up to solving this explosive case…


Have we aroused your interest? You’ll find these books and many more at Petra‘s Grätzlbuchhandlung Lainzer at Lainzer Straße 141, in Vienna’s 13th District.


Book Recommendations when flying with kids

Dagmar und Elisabeth vom KunterBUCH haben am Stubenring 20 eine ganze Buchhandlung voll Kinderbücher – und viele Empfehlungen, um Kinder auf Flugreisen vorzubereiten:


Hello World… by Jonathan Litton/L’Atelier Cartographik


This interactive book teaches you how to greet people all around the globe. It counts with plenty information about countries, regions and cultures. Recommended for kids in school.



A Day At The Animal Airport by Sharon Rentta


Kai and Hanna are really excited: they are visiting their granny. But she lives quite far, so they are taking a plane – for the first time! At the airport, there is a lot to discover: check-in desks, safety procedures, and much more! Time flies when they finally get to the plane. Book recommended for children starting 3.


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