It all happens so fast: before you know it, a one-off trip abroad can become a tradition as the years pass. Lisa likes to go away somewhere every New Year’s Eve. In this interview, she reveals more about her regular trips around the world to see in the New Year.

How did this tradition come about for you?

As New Year’s Eve would approach every year, my boyfriend and I would just keep puzzling over what we wanted to do to make it extra-special. One year, we decided it would just be too boring to stay in Vienna yet again, so we jumped on a myAustrian flight to Copenhagen. We had a great time – and as the years went by, we started enjoyed going away over New Year’s Eve so much that we kept our new ‘tradition’ going!


Where has it taken you in recent years?

Mostly to cities in Europe. I particularly enjoyed Copenhagen: the city itself is just beautiful, and has more traditions than places ten times the size. At New Year’s Eve, the Queen even speaks to her subjects!
Milan is another great place to see out the old year, though. They put on a huge concert in front of the city’s cathedral, the Duomo, which everyone can attend. And if all those fireworks at midnight aren’t really your thing, then Milan is the place for you – because they don’t have any at all!
If you just love to see the sky lit up by a fireworks display, on the other hand, then you should definitely think about visiting Cologne. The people of the German city love their celebrations loud and colourful – and not just at Carnival time. They all meet in the city centre for a huge get-together, and everyone celebrates with everyone else.
I also loved the vibe in London: even at the very end of the year, the British capital seems to have more party energy than most cities could even dream of! The serious party mood amongst visitors is combined with unique choreography for the fireworks – and all coordinated with great music, of course.


What are the best places to go for those midnight firework displays?

In Copenhagen, go to the Tivoli first of all, then to City Hall. In Cologne, the best place to party is on the Deutz Bridge, which has amazing views over the entire city and of the fireworks. In London, reserve yourself a standing place by Victoria Embankment, directly opposite the London Eye, well in advance.



What weird and wonderful New Year’s Eve traditions have you got to know on your journeys over the years?

In Copenhagen, you’ll find everyone in your group of family and friends watching the Queen giving her speech. In Milan, on the other hand, there are no fireworks at all. In London, everyone gives everyone else in the crowd a kiss to wish them good luck in the New Year – including complete strangers and the police looking after the events! And once the spectacle is over, something like 200,000 people get on the Tube at once and stagger home.  


What are your tips for things to do on New Year’s Day?

My favourite thing to do to start off the New Year is to have brunch, then check out wherever I am in my own time. All cities have loads of tourist attractions to explore which aren’t dependent on limited opening hours.



Where are you thinking about jetting off to on New Year’s Eve this year?

We still haven’t decided – it’s all to play for! I’m sorely tempted by Abu Dhabi and Paris – we certainly won’t be running out of ideas in the next few years, that’s for sure.


Dear Lisa, thanks very much for sharing your New Year’s Eve tradition. We look forward to hearing where you got to this year!


What are your destinations this New Year’s Eve?

Will you be staying in Europe, do you think, or ringing in the New Year further afield? How about Havana, for example, or maybe the Seychelles?

If you don’t want to go quite so far, on the other hand, and aren’t really one for those huge crowds, then the New Year’s Eve sightseeing flight could be the perfect solution for you: Enjoy Vienna’s fireworks from the sky in one of our new Embraer jets.