Since it’s never too early to plan the next dream holiday, we have asked some myAustrian fans about their favourite beaches. Let us inspire you – because dreaming never hurts (and neither does booking your next holiday!). 


Balangan Beach, Bali by myAustrian Fan Lisa

“I love this beach so much, because it has this Robinson Crusoe feeling. It is still quite untouched and not yet a well-known tourist attraction. The small cafés along the beach are lovely, too.” Lisa beams.

Balangan Beach is quite hidden in an idyllic little bay near the town of Kuta, south of the island’s capital Denpansar. You reach it via steps going down a steep cliff. Booking destination: Denpansar.


Balangan Beach, Bali. Foto: Lisa Hofians


Ream National Park, Cambodia by myAustrian Fan Günter

“The beach in Ream Nationalpark is about a 4 hour boat ride away from Sihanoukville. It is quite remote and great for swimming. We also loved to watch those funny tiny crabs scurrying through the sand,” myAustrian fan Günter says about his beach feeling. Booking destination: Phnom Penh.




Paradise Beach, Kefalonia by myAustrian Fan Angie

Alright, one cannot go wrong with Greece. Apart from the classic tourist hotspots, the Greek islands have so many quiet and beautiful beaches to offer that it is hard to choose one. myAustrian fan Angie fell in love with Paradise Beach in Kefalonia. “The turquoise-blue water was really divine, and relaxing and playing in this little bay was an absolute dream. Close by is the popular Paradise Beach Tavern where the film Captain Corelli’s Mandolin was filmed. Snacking on a Greek salad there was a very special experience for me.” Booking destination: Kefallinia.





Fort Lauderdale, Florida by myAustrian Fan Stefan

“The beach in Fort Lauderdale is right by the road, which makes ist easily accessible. At the same time, it is really quiet and I felt like on an Caribbean island,” myAustrian fan Stefan raves. Fort Lauderdale is also called the Venice of America. So if you happen to be in Miami and fancy an excursion, come here and combine sightseeing with beach fun. Booking destination: Miami or Fort Lauderdale.




Los Roques, Venezuela by myAustrian Fan Julia

The archipelago Los Roques consists of 67 islands and is located about 170 km north of Caracas in the Caribbean Sea. myAustrian fan Julia is enthralled: “The small, pristine islands with white sand and crystal clear water are an absolute dream.” Booking destination: Caracas.




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