Love really was in the air for the most charming marriage proposal of the year!  Jürgen asked Nathaly for her hand in marriage on board our flight from Vienna to Athens recently – and married her right away. We asked the happy couple a few questions. Read the full interview with Jürgen and Nathaly now

When and where did the two of you get to know one another? 
Jürgen: We met in 2006 at a trade fair. Nathaly was working as a hostess and promotions girl at the fair, and dressed as an angel.

What’s the special something between you, do you think?
Nathaly: How much we enjoy the little things, and a certain craziness. We totally understand one another, and trust each other 100%.

Nathaly, when did you notice something was up? 
Nathaly: Not until the choir stared singing on the plane, actually, and they were all  looking straight at me. Before that, the entire day had been organised like scenes from a musical, and was just wonderful – but I still hadn’t cottoned on that it was all for my benefit!

What was your first thought when it all happened?
Nathaly: It was a huge adrenaline kick, and I was so happy to see him. It really was an indescribable moment.

Love is in the air: Nathaly said yes! ❤ Congratulations to Jürgen and Nathaly. #myaustrianmoment #love

Ein von Austrian Airlines (@austrianairlines) gepostetes Foto am

What gave you the idea, Jürgen?
Jürgen: We both love to fly, and are always travelling. Nathaly’s always so happy to be on board – she has a huge amount of fun just sitting on a plane.

What was the biggest challenge?
Jürgen: Planning everything so that firstly, the bride didn’t realise anything was going on, and secondly, everything still worked. The size of the ring, her dress, shoes, etc. There were lots of challenges, and these little details presented a huge challenge while I was doing it.

When will you be marrying “properly”? 
Jürgen: First we’re getting married again in Las Vegas, then with all our friends and family at home.

And have you made plans for your honeymoon? 
Nathaly: We’ve been to Greece – to Athens. And in autumn we’re going to the West Coast of the USA – that’s when we’ll be getting married again in Las Vegas.
Jürgen: … and with Nathaly, every week’s just like a honeymoon! 🙂

We wish the happy couple all the very best for the future!