“A dream can take you anywhere!” Jovana Miljanovic always had that burning desire to pursue continuous growth and learning through new experiences. Finally she is there, where she always wantet to be: She’s a dreamoholic! On her blog Jovana Miljanovic she writes about her life and how she is making the impossible happen.



My name is Jovana Miljanovic and I’m a dreamoholic.


I was born and raised in Belgrade, Serbia but spend most of my life traveling all around Europe and United States learning new things daily, helping others succeed, reading and writing a lot, traveling and making the impossible happen.


I never knew what future holds for me but I knew there was always a burning desire in my heart to pursue continuous growth and learning through new experiences. That desire become a vision, a vision become a goal and that goal manifested when I moved to NYC, mecca for personal growth junkies, age 21, without my parent’s money or anyone’s help.


Right than and there I knew a dream can take you anywhere. I was finally where I always wanted to be. And it’s up to me to find a way to continue my lifestyle like this. And as crazy as it might sound, I feel confident that I will manage to do it.


Jovana Miljanovic


From height of 25th floor VEVO office on Times Square to 25000 feet in the sky office as a cabin attendant at Air Serbia, I tend do get inspired by everything I do in life. That is how my first ebook came to life: How to cabin crew.


I love Dostoevsky’s quote: Beauty will save the world. And I tend to find beauty everywhere I go. In impressionist paintings, in freshly brewed cup of coffee, in style of random people I see in the subway, in Madison Avenue store displays, in books I find by chance in some random bookstore…


My message to everyone is: Don’t forget to be a dreamoholic, it won’t hurt but it will work! Pinky promise.