In der heutigen redblog Reise mit Alymer wird’s besonders lecker. Unser Reisebegleiter aus Mumbai hat super Insidertipps rund ums Essen und Trinken!

Einen Vorgeschmack auf Mumbai leitet Alymer mit folgenden Worten ein 😉 Bombay is blessed with fantastic food. One can find something that smells heavenly and tastes divine on almost every corner of the city.


Um auf den vollen Geschmack zu kommen, empfiehlt Alymer zwei tolle Restaurants! Also wer nach Mumbai kommt, auf keinen Fall verpassen…



Sein absolutes Lieblings-Restaurant Gajalee gibt es aufgrund des sofortigen Erfolges in Mumbai schon 7 Mal weltweit.

Whenever I go to Bombay I make it a point to eat at one of their restaurants, sometimes I go directly from the airport to one of their restaurants. Believe me, even after a nine or ten hour flight I make time to go there; that in itself should tell you how good their food is.


Gajalee specialize in Gomantak cuisine and their sea food is absolutely divine. Any one of their vast array of seafood dishes will have you in food heaven.


So, on your next trip to Bombay, make it a point to go to one of their restaurants. Trust me, you will thoroughly enjoy yourself and be glad you visited. From then on, whenever you visit Bombay you will make it a point to eat at Gajalee.


Spice Tree


This restaurant is located in Bandra, they specialize in sea food and their cocktails are quite tasty too. The restaurant is well laid out and facilitates a unique and personal dining experience. The restaurant is tastefully decorated, understated and the ambience is cozy and chic.


If you decide to visit this particular restaurant it is definitely worth trying their Tandoori crab; need I say more? It will have you mesmerized and begging for more.


Für alle, die jetzt Lust und Interesse an mehr Mumbai haben, gleich auf buchen und Mumbai erleben.


Alymer wünscht euch Bon Voyage!


I hope that when you visit these places you are able to feel those intangibles that make Bombay such a unique and special place. I hope your experiences there win you over and that you too grow to love this city as much as I do.
Fotocredit: danchitnis / flickr