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The Top 10 strangest-ever entries in the Eurovision Song Contest

Strange, stranger… Song Contest! There have been many bizarre entries in the proud history of the Eurovision Song Contest, from a singing turkey through to drumming grannies and Guildo. Can you remember them? How about we help jog your memory – with our Top 10! 😉

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ESC 2015: True Connoisseur, Fan or Newbie? Find out in our Types Test!

Have you been singing Eurovision Song Contest tunes to yourself under the shower for the past year now? Or are you still wondering who Conchita Wurst even is? Not a problem: just enter our ESC Types Test, and you can find out whether your second name should be Eurovision Song Contest or your fan potential could use an upgrade.

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Menorca: Mallorca’s quieter little sister

Menorca is Mallorca’s little sister, and likes to take things a bit easier. And the charming island, which gets by more or less completely without rowdy holiday crowds and endless hotel complexes, is all the lovelier for it, as you can imagine. And there’s more: you’ve never seen such beautiful – and most importantly of all, untouched – bays as you’ll find on Menorca.

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A Cabin Tour of a Boeing 777: a Plane Spotter’s Dream

We introduce… David, 16 years old, and a plane spotter. David had just one dream: he wanted to try something a little bit different. And as we all know, it never hurts to ask! So here’s the story of an exclusive cabin tour of a Boeing 777, a great video, and an unusual young man.

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