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eJournals: Interview around the new product

Austrian Airlines passenger, you will be provided with a minimum of one free newspaper or magazine free of charge. No matter where you’re departing from, you will always receive the latest edition of your favourite reading. We spoke to Binh Tu, supervisor of the In-Flight Entertainment Division, and asked her to talk us through the new product.

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Hamburger Binnenalster (churches)

Hamburg, my pearl

Verena spent a weekend in Hamburg – and today she report on what you should be absolutely sure not to miss on your first visit to Germany’s second city!

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Viva España!

myAustrian fan Verena is a huge lover of Spain and all things Spanish. From Barcelona to Madrid, Segovia to Murcia, Toledo and elsewhere – Verena told us about everything she loves so much about this country…

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Interview: An exercise flight with the Austrian Air Force

Helmut Haubenwaller, Captain and head of our B767 fleet, and Mjr Markus Mahler, Eurofighter pilot with the Austrian Federal Armed Forces, tell us more about the special features of these exercise flights and the manoeuvre itself.

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