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Children travelling: our youngest passengers tell their stories

It’s summer, which sooner or later can only mean one thing: holidays! And that’s not just fun for big passengers – first and foremost, it’s exciting for the very youngest guests on board our aircraft. We’ve been speaking to two experts in flying and travelling with children – and Oona (3) and Jamie (5) have been letting us know what travelling on an aircraft is really like. 😉

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#RedStockingsDay 2015: We celebrate the red tights!

The decision’s been made! Classic red or nude? What will the tights look like in Austrian’s new uniform? Read on and find out… 😉

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#myAustrianUniform: Interview with Amir Aghamiri, Head of Brand Management

Our crews are getting a new uniform! :-) And it will take a lot of time, patience and work before everything is absolutely right and – most importantly of all – people really like it. We talked to Amir Aghamiri, Head of Brand Management, about all the challenges a new uniform poses.

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Manchester: a musical city which wrote history

If you love great music, this is one city you simply have to experience at least once before you die. A place which went from being the world’s first industrial powerhouse to a groundbreaking musical metropolis. A city that’s as tough as old boots, with mesmerising beats to die for and enough crazy memories to fill Old Trafford: Manchester!

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