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Take off into the New Year Viennese style

Waltz into the new year in Vienna: On the ground or up in the air with the myNewYear’s flight

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The Meeting Point that is Toronto

Toronto is one of the most exciting cities in Canada. Party animals and culture lovers, foodies and sporty types will have a wonderful time here. myAustrian fan Magda reveals her favourite things to see and do.

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Amsterdam: Grachts and Gezelligheid

Amsterdam is much more than a hotspot for “special” coffee shops. Some of the world’s most reknowned museums are awaiting your visit, there are grachten to be discovered, and culinary highlights to be enjoyed.

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Los Angeles: Up close and personal with the City of Angels

For many people, Los Angeles is synonymous with Hollywood and dreams of greatness, stars and starlets, amazing weather and endless columns of cars. But like every city, the City of Angels has a host of other sides that are anything but apparent at first glance. myAustrian friend Ines Weitgasser emigrated to L.A. eleven years ago, and […]

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