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Isabella Reichl, Director of Marketing

It’s your choice: Servus myAustrian!

My flight, my choice, #myAustrian! We’re making a flying start: with a completely new paintjob and new service concept. For us, that means a new red-white-red design – both inside and out – and for you, it means a unique, individual #myAustrian where you can choose exactly which additional services you want to use. So are you ready for ‘your’ Austrian? 😉

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Vienna, Museum Quartier

ESC 2015: Vienna for Globetrotters

Vienna is different, alternative, beautiful – and above all traditional. The Austrian capital officially boasts the highest all-round quality of life on Earth. Vienna is yours for the taking – and here are just some of the countless positive aspects of this lovely city.

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2014-08-24 14.34.42

Sri Lanka: India’s multicoloured entrance hall

A glorious cultural heritage, endless beaches and vast herds of elephants – Sri Lanka’s got the lot, in abundance. The vast diversity of wonders waiting to be discovered on this island at the far southern tip of the Indian subcontinent is hard to put into words. We take a trip across the teardrop-shaped island.

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© Travel Pins

Welcome to Miami!

The US city of Miami, at the far southern tip of Florida, is often referred to as the ‘Gateway to the Caribbean’. And small wonder – the city, and its South Beach district in particular, is renowned for its miles of sandy beaches, palm trees, beautiful people and year-round sunshine. But what does Miami Beach have to offer visitors who don’t fancy just soaking up more rays on the beach today? That’s what Florian from travel blog Travel Pins was wondering, and in today’s guest piece, he gives us a few tips on how to do a day checking out Miami (almost) completely off-beach…

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A stroll through Odessa: a Pearl on the Black Sea

The city known as the ‘Pearl on the Black Sea’ is associated with a heroic history, world-famous opera house and unique flair – it could only be Odessa! Today, we take you on a walk through this powerful and majestic city…

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The Top 10 strangest-ever entries in the Eurovision Song Contest

Strange, stranger… Song Contest! There have been many bizarre entries in the proud history of the Eurovision Song Contest, from a singing turkey through to drumming grannies and Guildo. Can you remember them? How about we help jog your memory – with our Top 10! 😉

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