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096 - Austrian Airlines Boeing 767

The Boeing 767/777 on short- and medium-haul flights

A Boeing 767 flying the route from Vienna to Frankfurt? Rather unusual. Helmut Haubenwaller, Captain and B767 Fleet Head, tells us why wide-bodied jets are currently being used by Austrian Airlines on short- and medium-haul routes as well as in their traditional long-haul role.

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MS_SurfacePro3_Tablet_onBoard_Haller (002)

Above the clouds with the “paperless flight bag”

For more than 15 years now, Austrian Airlines has been focussing on innovative technologies in its cockpits in order to provide all its flights with documentation and software tools. The company’s latest achievement is to use Surface 3 tablet computers as ‘Electronic Flight Bags’ during flight operations.   „An Electronic Flight Bag, or EFB, is […]

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Fleet renewal: Embraer jets given a red-white-red makeover

We’re getting a new medium-haul fleet! And to make absolutely sure the new Embraer jets shine as brightly as the rest of our fleet, they’ll be given a new coat of paint – in red-white-red, of course. 😉 You can see the transformation here… 😉

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A Cabin Tour of a Boeing 777: a Plane Spotter’s Dream

We introduce… David, 16 years old, and a plane spotter. David had just one dream: he wanted to try something a little bit different. And as we all know, it never hurts to ask! So here’s the story of an exclusive cabin tour of a Boeing 777, a great video, and an unusual young man.

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