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#myAustrianUniform: Interview with Amir Aghamiri, Head of Brand Management

Our crews are getting a new uniform! 🙂 And it will take a lot of time, patience and work before everything is absolutely right and – most importantly of all – people really like it. We talked to Amir Aghamiri, Head of Brand Management, about all the challenges a new uniform poses.

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Management in Practice: an introduction to life on board

Taking a wider view: the Management in Practice project is designed to give our managers the chance to experience life at a range of different divisions at Austrian Airlines. Nils Röhlinger, Head of Component Maintenance & Workshops, took advantage of the opportunity to find out more about what his colleagues actually do, and took a one-day introductory course: so today he tells us all about the time he spent as a flight attendant on our service to Cairo!

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Management in Practice: managers take an introductory course

Looking beyond your own horizons: the Management in Practice project is giving Austrian Airlines’ managers the chance to take a close look at the company’s different operating divisions. The project has been designed to help participants understand the whole company – and not just their own division – and by doing so, ensure they’re able to cooperate better. We talked to Ina Vögele, Manager HR Recruiting & Development, about how and why the special project was introduced.

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Ready to start: eCommerce at Austrian Airlines

Are you #readytostart a career with Austrian Airlines? Today, Behnaz Lagevardy will be giving you an insight into the eCommerce Department, where he is responsible for the online booking system. At the moment, Behnaz is busy developing Austrian Airlines’ new mobile presence.

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