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Servus! I’m the myAustrian Messenger Service.

May we introduce … the all-new myAustrian Messenger Service. It will be entering service for the very first time today and support its human colleagues by answering service enquiries via Facebook Messenger. Please don’t give it chocolate to welcome it onto the new team; it’s on a strictly data-related diet.   Messenger Services are becoming more and […]

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myAustrian – Charm is contagious

The new myAustrian brand campaign has just landed! We took a peek behind the scenes and asked Christina Jung and Sonja Feldman, two managers from the Advertising Division, about exactly how a major campaign comes to life.     What is so special about this campaign? Our slogan is “the charming way to fly”. ‘Charm’ […]

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Hello Hongkong: Inaugural flight to #HKG!

What an experience: The inaugural flight to Hong Kong! <3 Today we're letting our colleagues in the crew tell why such an inaugural is something very special

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Austrian E195 2016-06 9048 A4 COE

12 things you have to know about our Embraer jets!

Six of our 17 new Embraer 195 are already up and flying for Austrian Airlines. Time to take a closer look at the newest additions to our fleet with you:

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