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Fleet renewal: Embraer jets given a red-white-red makeover

We’re getting a new medium-haul fleet! And to make absolutely sure the new Embraer jets shine as brightly as the rest of our fleet, they’ll be given a new coat of paint – in red-white-red, of course. 😉 You can see the transformation here… 😉

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Vienna vs. Miami: the myAustrian #BloggerExchange

Bloggers from Austria and Florida listen up – we’re looking for you! Get your application for the Austrian Airlines Blogger Exchange in right now, and we’ll send you to Vienna or Miami, on a Business Class ticket, for a week. What can you expect to find once you get there? Read on to find out for yourselves! 😉

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My flight, my choice: the new fare model from myAustrian

My flight, my choice, #myAustrian! In future you’ll have a real choice: with our new fare model, you’ll be able to design your flight individually for the first time. That means you’ll only pay for the services you really use on European flights from autumn 2015 onwards.

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Your first long-haul flight: 5 things you should do

Your first-ever long-haul flight is nothing if not exciting! But what’s the best preparation for such a long journey? What should you be careful to try and do – and equally importantly, not do? Here are the 5 most important tips for your very first long-haul flight.

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London: 10 things you must not miss

London’s big, London’s cool and London’s just fantastic. And because there’s so much to discover in this unique city, we’ve been asking around the Austrian Community for a few pointers. So here are 10 things you’ve just got to do when staying in the World’s Greatest City!

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Children travelling: our youngest passengers tell their stories

It’s summer, which sooner or later can only mean one thing: holidays! And that’s not just fun for big passengers – first and foremost, it’s exciting for the very youngest guests on board our aircraft. We’ve been speaking to two experts in flying and travelling with children – and Oona (3) and Jamie (5) have been letting us know what travelling on an aircraft is really like. 😉

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