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Summer, Sun, Skopelos

Fancy the idea of making summer last a week or two longer, well away from the crowds and tourist traps, enjoying the great weather on the beautiful beaches by the turquoise sea? myAustrian Fans Nicola and Stephan found all that and more in Skopelos – and enjoyed a little bit of Mama Mia! while they […]

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Fun and games in Orlando

Oh, to be a child again – even if only for a little while! Our reader Madeleine was in Florida recently, and she spent a few days in Orlando as well as in Miami.

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Hello Hongkong: Inaugural flight to #HKG!

What an experience: The inaugural flight to Hong Kong! <3 Today we're letting our colleagues in the crew tell why such an inaugural is something very special

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She said YES!

Love really was in the air for the most charming marriage proposal of the year! Jürgen asked Nathaly for her hand in marriage on board our flight from Vienna to Athens recently – and married her right away.

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